Information packs were posted to all members on Monday 23 March, although we are aware that some of you may not have received yours yet. They are on their way to you but as the Royal Mail is struggling with double the level of absentees because of the Coronavirus, many places are experiencing delay in delivering packages that are larger than a normal envelope. This is why some of you will have received your introduction letter from WPS Advisory Ltd but not your packs. Please be assured that this does not mean they have been mis-directed or lost.

At present, the financial advice on offer is not affected by the Coronavirus. Please ‘phone WPSA if you would like a conversation about your pension options – even if you haven’t received the hard copy of your pack yet.


Not received your pack yet?

Financial Advice

Financial Advice

Deciding how to take your pension benefits from the Plan is a big decision that can involve large sums of money and affect what you can do with your retirement. That is why it is important to speak to a financial adviser who offers impartial financial advice, and can help you explore your options  - particularly the tax implications of your decisions.

It is good to be prepared and this section is all about how to find the right adviser for you, what sort of questions to ask them, and the things you need to think about as you plan for the future.